Saturday, November 24, 2007

Office Christmas gifts

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Our office can get pretty cold and my cubie-neighbor and I were talking about our hands and she mentioned it would be nice to have mittens without fingers so we could type.

I told her I could make them and set out on my mission to prepare them. Gathering favorite colors, working up 2 size samples and traveling around the office to get sizes on the people I wanted to make them for.

They work up in a few hours and its a very simple pattern with a 6 stitch/4 row repeat.

Find the pattern at Wolf & Turtle

Grandma's Slippers.

I found these on my morning web surf. They aren't exactly like, however they do resemble, the slippers my grandmother used to make for us every year. It was always nice to find our favorite color slippers under the Christmas tree, at just the right time for our old ones to not fit anymore.

If you're interested...I found the pattern here:

Friday, November 16, 2007

Weighted Companion Cube

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So I had to invent a pattern for it, but it was fun. The inspiration is from a game called Portal.

A tissue box cover so that my honey would have to keep tissue at his desk. The bottom is meant to resemble a portal from the game. Some people feel it is reminiscent of the fire in which you destroy your only friend too.