Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rainbow Sock - FINISH

2nd Rainbow Sock # 5
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Yay, I finished the pair and I am so pleased. It's a bit warm just now to wear them too much but they are really comfortable.


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I pulled this guy out of the closet where he's lived lately so that I could take his picture. He's made with a chenille yarn in "crochet on the double" style.

Beady eyes are kind of weird, but I think I'll leave them that way. :)

Here's the info on the book where I found the pattern:
Annie's Attic #873253, Easy Cuddly Critters

Remote Caddy

Remote Caddy
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As our collection of remote controls continues to grow, I decided it was time to build something for them. Tore up a pair of jeans that had a few too many holes for patching (like the big long one that travelled down half the leg), grabbed out my Singer Simple and some pins and gave it a go. I'm so pleased with how it came out and so is the boyfriend. (The big pocket - that's for the xbox controller)

This was my first use of the new machine I bought and I'm so pleased with its output. As long as I could get the fabric height under the needle in the first place, it gave me no trouble pushing through the layers. (about 7 layers of denim seemed to be the max hight allowance).

Friday, July 11, 2008

yay & nay

Yay: I got my fleece from Scott's aunt so I have a new hobby to try out
Nay: I have to do the yucky skirting/cleaning part myself

Yay: I got a raise
Nay: I spent all of my raise and then some (quite a bit of some) on new tires, they cost 400 bucks, looks like I'll be a little bit short for a little while, Scott gets to buy groceries I think.

Yay: It's cooled down a little bit
Nay: My puppy and his family are probably going to have to evacuate their homes for a while. (Stupid Butte fire)

Finally a Yay: It's friday and time to relax for a few days.