Sunday, June 28, 2009

Garden Spider

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I keep wiping out their webs, and they keep rebuilding them. This one is hanging on between the Oregano & the Rosemary. Hopefully the one with stringers to my dill will eat the aphids.

For the photo - much more difficult than I expected. Remember, My camera is just a little point & shoot, with some limited focusing ability. I like my camera but it's not really cut out for this kind of photography I think. Took 20 shots, this is the only one that is in anyway clear. Limited focusing, shaky hands and a breeze - I'm glad I got this one.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Herb Garden - from the outside

I've taken lots of pictures of my plants from my deck point of view. I was looking at them from the ground view today and though it was pretty enough for more pictures... so here we are.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

WWKIP 06/20/2009

Time for the second WWKIP that I planned to participate in this year. Last week's was bigger, but this one was still fun. About 12 ladies and a beautiful little doggie. I imagine most people got their fill the previous week, but there were a couple who came today that were unable to make it the last.

We met some people from the "Friends Of Fremont Park" who thanked us for coming and using the park for wholesome as opposed to destructive activities in the park. This park is convenient for us because it's across the street from our regular Sunday meetup at Naked Coffee - beautiful day, beautiful park and lots of fun with needles and fiber in hand

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet ickle Tomatoes

Decided to take some pictures of my pretty little grape tomatoes There aren't many fruits, but there are some.. yay Next year I think a bigger pot will yield a better plant

06/13/2009 : WWKIP DAY

Yesterday was the first of 2 World Wide Knit in Public days I planned to be a part of. This one was held at Capitol Park and was registered by my new friend Shiela. Also, her friend at Chickoree Coffee agreed to open just for our group on this day. What a sweet little coffee shop and I'm grateful for their hospitality.
We had about 30 participants throughout the morning. Starting at around 10 am and lasting untli about 2:30. Very wonderful event, met some lovely new poeple and hope that many of them join us at Freemont partk next Saturday.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden update

April 25th

I purchased planters and got most of them transferred to their new home. My basic plan is 3 plants per box - I know it's a little crowded, but that's really about the best I can do with the space I have to work
May 25th
This is their current layout around my patio, they got moved around after being home one day and noticing how the sun moves across the porch (in a diagonal manner from that post you see there, to the one behind me. This configuration seems to optimize the sun for each plant.

1 Chive
2 Cilantro
1 Mini Rose (white pot - not in bloom)

1 Fern Dill
1 Peppermint
1 Lemon Basil
1 White Sage (black pot in back)

3 Sweet Basil

1 Tarragon
1 Thyme
1 Oregano

These are newer plants, bought about 2 weeks ago

1 Flat Leaf Parsley
1 space (reserved for seeds to sprout, Curl Parsley)
1 Rosemary

We've also added a tomato to the party. This one is a grape tomato and is on our front porch to hopefully give it more light.

I would place this one as about 2 weeks (in our possession) as well.