Saturday, February 9, 2008


So Yesterday I turned 30. I had a fabulous birthday. At my work its typical that something happens, usually your cubie gets decorated and sometime in the afternoon there is cake and and about half the office comes to sing.

Birthday 01
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Well, my mom organized something different, from many states away. She called my work and spoke with my boss, organized a slightly larger event, and even had my brother and his family there. Everyone that was able to escape the phones for a few minutes was there and it was a little bit overwhelming, but fantastic. Even had enough cake to bring home a few pieces (usually there isn't enough cake to satisfy an office worth of people)

Then after work I went home to pick up my honey and we went out to dinner. Before that could happen there was another cake waiting for me from home.

Haven't had a bite yet but I'm told that it is super chocolate and its called a "Got Milk" cake. The cake is very tasty, Chocolate on the inside and chocolate on top.

Birthday 03
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We had reservations for the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant downtown. Everything that we ordered was so very tasty and I'm really glad that it was the place we chose to celebrate. Dinner for 100 bucks, and the chance to play with every bite of food before you eat it... completely worth it.

Birthday 06
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All in all, my first day of 30 was fabulous and I can only hope that it is a good year because it started out better than any other I can remember.

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