Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I think I was 12...

when I cut my finger. Washing dishes to do my part in the house, a glass that I had just shoved my hand inside of to wash had popped open and cut a flap of skin open on my pinky. I remember crying but not for pain but rather because I was bleeding quite a bit. Dad took me to urgent care and I got three stitches and 20 years later I have a little half circle scar right around the first knuckle of my pinky.

Today I'm 30 and I've done it again. Washing dishes last night cuz we haven't done it in a while and the kitchen needed cleaning. Same scenario, same finger, little further down and larger laceration. Again, not crying because it hurt, that part isn't too bad really, but crying because I was really irritated with myself for letting it happen a second time. This time 4 stitches and orders to find work that for at least 2 days puts as little strain on my pinky as possible. (That includes less typing...weird to be a tough typist who can't use her pinky.

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