Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catching up

Last weeks Saturday with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee was a really fun morning. She's very entertaining and a good teacher. Learned a new way to stitch an ssk. The wording went something like "in first stitch as if to knit, dig around to back loop of next stitch, then pull yarn through." I think I might try to make a video of it. It lies down nicely, slants nicely and is faster than slip slip knit.

Last week I was surfing ebay searching for a swift. Found lots of the 2 varieties I'm used to seeing a lot of - the big umbrella type, then the wooden cross/table top kind. Then I found the "Kay Yarn Reel Winder". Hadn't seen this particular version before. put in my bid, and 26.00 (with shipping) later I have myself a yarn swift. I love it. Here's a picture in mid process.

Then when not in use, it folds up really nice and compact... takes up less room than my Knit Picks ball winder

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