Saturday, April 10, 2010

Recipe Hunt

Look at me way behind in many things... never reported back on my cookies, my website I manage is badly in need of update and I've got a long laundry list for today too.

But first stop was an experiment to find a new Aebelskiver recipe, in an attempt to solve a few problems. Ultimately, I would love an easy gluten & dairy free recipe.

My favorite recipe to try to match up to is linked up over here.

Buttermilk makes Scott feel bad though, and I think that Gluten might not be my best friend. Not serious celiac but not comfortable either.

Dairy Free accomplished...
This Vegan recipe has the right flavors, and tastes really nice. The soy yogurt is a good flavor replacement for my regular buttermilk recipe that I love the most but makes us both feel ick.

I do see the need though to add back in the egg. Maybe 1 will be enough, only experimentation will tell. This vegan recipe is lacking the volume provided by the stiffened whites, and the added gooey/creaminess that comes from the yolk.

Next stop is a hunt for a good gluten free flour mix.

Though I did find this on my travels too..sounds like it would make a good "go to" recipe for breaded breakfast yummies... Recipes of a Cheapskate

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